DADGAD Strumming patterns

How to accompany Ramnee Ceilidh – Irish DADGAD guitar lesson PLUS news about the Folk Friend tour!

In this video I’ll be showing you how to accompany one of my favourite Irish reels, Ramnee Ceilidh in DADGAD guitar tuning!

I’ll also be telling you all about the Folk Friend tour- I will be offering tailor made guitar and general accompaniment workshops all over the UK, suitable for groups of all ages and levels! Click here to book or find out more

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Nye and Mitzi – Irish fiddle and guitar jam with DADGAD guitar lesson commentary

My latest business venture (alongside Folk Friend and Finale Guitar) is now open! You can find out more about Finale Music School here.

This week I had a little jam with one of our tutors, Mitzi. In this video we play a hornpipe called Nod To Tom and a reel called Secret Sister and I run you through the DADGAD guitar techniques I’m using to accompany them by ear. I talk about DADGAD chord choices, rhythmic variations and lots more!

Mitzi offers fiddle lessons over Zoom- you can contact me to book.

My latest (currently!) book, The Beginner’s Guide To Celtic DADGAD Accompaniment, is available here.


Nye and Felix play Irish reels – with DADGAD guitar guide commentary

In this week’s free DADGAD guitar lesson from Folk Friend, I’ll be running you through some of the techniques I use when accompanying Irish reels by ear, with special guest Felix Parker-Price!

You can get the new book with a complete kit including Mode Wheel and Playalong Pack by clicking here. You can also click here to get the book on its own.


Irish DADGAD backing guitar lesson – Nye and Alexa play jigs with commentary

This week I’ve decided to post a little clip of myself and my mum jamming through a new set of jigs. It’s not perfect as it was the first time we’d played this set, but I think it gives a good insight into the process of picking chords by ear. I’ve then added a commentary track which will hopefully help you to steal some of my backing techniques and apply them in your own playing. You can find loads more great Irish guitar accompaniment ideas in my new book! Tune names will be added soon. This video also includes a top secret view into my kitchen lair at a top secret location in the back of Folk Friend HQ.

You can get the new DADGAD book by clicking here.


Beginners’ Guide To Celtic DADGAD Accompaniment – part 2 – The Kesh Jig and another handy slide-able shape!


Welcome back to part 2 of the Folk Friend Beginner’s Guide to Celtic DADGAD Accompaniment! This video series will be covering some of the material from my latest book, which shows you everything you need to know to become a great Celtic DADGAD backing guitarist and is available at the link below. This week’s installment will cover how to pick chords by ear for a very popular Irish session tune in the key of G major, the Kesh Jig.

Click here to open my free Playalong video for the Kesh in a new tab.

Here are the root notes I mentioned in this clip:

DADGAD root notes

Click here to watch part 1


Complete Beginner’s Irish DADGAD guitar accompaniment lessons part 1 – picking chords in D major

It’s nice to be back making videos at Folk Friend HQ! I’ve finally finished my latest book, The Beginner’s Guide To Celtic DADGAD Accompaniment, so to celebrate I’ll be making a free course of DADGAD Youtube tutorials for complete newcomers to this rewarding and easily accessible tuning! This week’s instalment covers how to pick chord by ear in major keys- we’ll be looking at a classic Irish reel called The Maid Behind The Bar.

Click here for the free Playalong video


Strumming patterns

The “Faith” funky reel strumming pattern

Welcome back to another Celtic guitar accompaniment tutorial from Folk Friend! This week I’ll be demonstrating the “Faith” strumming pattern which is mentioned in my first book, Backing Guitar Techniques For Traditional Celtic Music which you can buy here

Eagle eyed viewers will notice that my guitar is in DADGAD tuning- I’m currently working on a complete beginners guide book to accompanying folk music by ear using this tuning so watch this space ;).

The guitar I’m playing is an AWESOME Turner 75CE jumbo electro-acoustic with solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides… If you’re looking for an amazing sounding guitar for accompanying Irish music at only £550 brand new then I really can’t recommend this one enough! Find out more on the Finale Guitar online shop by clicking here.


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Celtic music theory Chord scales for modes

Inversions for Irish guitarists part 2: chords in A major for Ger The Rigger

Here’s another video from Folk Friend Celtic Guitar Tutorials, celebrating the release of my latest book (see below) with a guide to how to use inversion shapes for Irish and general Celtic guitar accompaniment in the key of A major / ionian! I’ll be using an Irish polka called Ger The Rigger which you can find in the Folk Friend tune playalongs pack with on-screen guitar chords and played on a loop at three different speeds- perfect for practicing your Irish guitar backing!

Guitarist’s Guide To Chord Inversions Book

Tune Playalongs


Folky Fridays #55 – The wily mixolydian mode and its peculiarities

This week’s Folky Fridays free online guitar lesson live stream from Folk Friend will be all about the mixolydian mode. This mode has some peculiarities which can be exploited for lots of guitar accompaniment fun, so I’ll be running you through some fun things you can do in standard tuning (EADGBE), drop D (DADGBE) and DADGAD tuning.