Picking patterns

Clawhammer reel picking pattern tutorial

In this week’s free Irish guitar accompaniment lesson from Folk Friend, I’ll be showing you an unusual clawhammer picking pattern which you can use with Celtic reels! I like this pattern so much that I used it in my fingerstyle arrangement of John Ryan’s polka, which appears in my latest book. It’s called Irish Tunes For Fingerstyle Guitar and you can get it on the shop page.

If you would like to practice the chords and picking pattern demonstrated in this video, then try playing them along with my Maid Behind The Bar playalong video, available here.

If you have short nails and would like to learn this pattern, I recommend these plastic finger picks from Stagg! They are only a fiver and work pretty well for this style of picking (maybe leave the thumb pick off). This is an affiliate link so I receive a small commission if you buy through it.

If you're just starting out in the world of Celtic backing guitar, my books can help! They cover everything you need to know about theory, structure, rhythms, chords, fingerstyle and much more... Check them all out here

If you'd like to learn how to play by ear then there's really no substitute for an experienced professional teacher. Click here to book your free trial lesson today!

If you would like a complete guide to folk backing on the guitar then you really need my book Backing Guitar Techniques For Traditional Celtic Music, which tells you all the music theory, strumming patterns, chord shapes and everything else you need to become a great backing guitarist and
My invention The Amazing Mode Wheel can show you all the notes and chords which fit in any scale used in Celtic music.

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