Drop D

Folky Fridays - Free Scottish and Irish guitar lesson live stream, every Friday from 5:30 UK time (GMT)

Folky Fridays #52 – A short guide to drop D tuning, with power chords, triads and tetrads+!

This week's Folky Fridays free online guitar lesson live stream from Folk Friend will be all about drop D tuning ...
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John Doyle guitar lesson - chords in drop D tuning for Irish guitar

John Doyle guitar style guide – all parts including chord shapes for drop D tuning, chromatic techniques and reel strumming patterns

I've been putting this one off for a while, but it's finally time to examine the style of one of ...
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Top 5 tips for Irish guitar beginners

Very first Irish guitar lesson: the ultimate top 5 tips for beginner Irish guitar accompaniment

https://youtu.be/K-2QuP35y70 In this free lesson from Folk Friend I'll be running complete beginners through the top 5 tips for complete ...
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Practice tips for Irish guitar lesson

Top Ten guitar practice tips for Irish, Scottish and Celtic guitarists – Folk Friend

It can be difficult to get started learning Celtic backing guitar. There is so much to learn, from ear training, ...
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Beginner’s Celtic guitar lesson in drop D- as used by John Doyle, Paul Brady, Arty McGlynn, Tim Edey…

This free Irish guitar lesson from Folk Friend covers one of the most popular tunings out there; drop D. This ...
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