Folky Fridays

Folky Fridays #51 – Irish tunes from the Finale Guitar shop in Sheffield, with Theo Parmakis

This week’s Folky Fridays free online guitar lesson live stream from Folk Friend is something special in honour of 50 episodes in the series- I’ll be welcoming my friend Theo to Finale Guitar to live stream some tunes! Theo is a man of many talents- as well being a fantastic banjo player, programming various useful bits of musical software (see below) and being a veritable library of music theory knowledge he also builds exquisite cellos and violins.

As well as playing tunes and drinking tea we’ll also be discussing approaches to harmony, the theory of Celtic music and all sort of other useful tidbits so join us on Friday 30th April 2021 from 5:30GMT!

Here are Theo’s various websites and social media profiles: Parmakis instruments

Theo’s Chord Generator (as used in all my books and lessons)

Clawhammer Banjo Lessons

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