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About me

Hello! My name is Nye and I would like to welcome you to my website, FolkFriend.co.uk. I am a professional guitar teacher and began my Youtube channel Folk Friend back in 2019. I grew up playing Irish music in bands and sessions and absolutely love the challenge of playing along on guitar by ear. However, when I started teaching the guitar, I realised that most musicians struggle to pick out the right chords, recognise the scales / modes of tunes or strum along using the correct rhythms. That’s why I began to offer tailor made courses of one-on-one guitar lessons specialising in the tips, tricks and ear training exercises you need to help you learn to accompany Irish tunes on guitar!

I now teach students across the globe over Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp. My lessons are friendly, fun and tailor-made to your needs. They also come with a follow up email including chord diagrams, music theory notes and a free video guide to any techniques covered in the lesson.

Guitar lesson pricing

I believe music should be accessible to everyone, so my lessons are very affordable at just £15 per half hour or £25 per hour and thanks to my unique ear-based teaching method, I guarantee that you will come out after a few months with the confidence and skills you need to accompany other musicians without using sheet music.


Here’s what some of my students had to say:

“I love this guy, he’s a miracle! He really does tailor his lessons to fit. He’s involved and energetic, his enthusiasm for his subject is never ending and infectious. You won’t be disappointed having lessons with Nye.”
–Kerry (UK)

“I have been playing in Contra Dance pickup bands for a year now, and have been feeling rather lost. This is EXACTLY what I need! Nye’s explanations are so simple and clear, even I can get them. Thank you!”
–Nancy (USA)

“Nye teaches guitar with a common-sense approach while also covering detailed music theory. I highly recommend you try a free lesson; If you do I’m sure you’ll enlist in more.”
–Tom (UK)

“Just writing a brief word of thank you for all your help regarding me learning the Acoustic guitar as a 63 year old beginner. I have historically been the the whistle player and “back up” vocalist in our three piece band. That has all now changed. Needless to say I am really enjoying the journey thanks to your input. Feedback from people that have heard the band play before was extremely supportive of me playing guitar and adding an extra dimension to the total sound. I was very surprised. Thanks again!”
–Barry (Australia)

Book your first Irish guitar lesson

What with running my guitar shop in Sheffield and teaching students from all over the world, my diary is pretty full these days. However, I still have a few lesson slots available. So, if you’re ready to learn Irish guitar over Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp then message me now to get started or call 07722088131!

You can also check out my free Celtic guitar tutorial videos to get a feel for how I like to teach.


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