Backing Guitar Techniques for Celtic Traditional Music: e-book edition



When you see great folk backing guitarists like John DoyleTim EdeyEd BoydDennis Cahill and so on it can be difficult to fathom how they come up with their on-the-spot accompaniments to Celtic tunes. In Backing Guitar Techniques for Traditional Celtic Music I aim to demystify the process and give you the tools you need to craft your own unique style of Irish, Scottish and Welsh rhythm guitar!

This e-book contains a complete curriculum for the backing guitarist from beginner to advanced.

Topics included:

  • modal harmony,
  • how to hear which chord goes where,
  • rhythms used in Celtic music,
  • strumming patterns,
  • rhythmic embellishment,
  • chord substitutions,
  • more advanced harmony options,
  • using “jazz” chords
  • chord grids for lots of common tunes (each in three levels of complexity)
  • ear training exercises
  • loads of diagrams…

…and everything else you need to know to become an original and creative backing guitarist. The e-book is very much focused on learning to listen for harmonies and uses a simplified approach to melodic interpretation to provide a framework which you will quickly learn to apply to different types of traditional tune.

The e-book also comes with a folder of audio, containing tunes played slowly, demonstrations of techniques mentioned in the text and a whole folder of exercises specifically designed to enhance your listening ability.


It comes as a .pdf file, with all audio as .mp3. This means that you can load both the text, diagrams and audio onto your smartphone, PC, tablet, burn audio onto a CD, etc etc.


There is also a paperback edition available here.


This is the only comprehensive guide to Celtic guitar accompaniment so grab your copy now!

If you're just starting out in the world of Celtic backing guitar, my books can help! They cover everything you need to know about theory, structure, rhythms, chords, fingerstyle and much more... Check them all out here

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If you would like a complete guide to folk backing on the guitar then you really need my book Backing Guitar Techniques For Traditional Celtic Music, which tells you all the music theory, strumming patterns, chord shapes and everything else you need to become a great backing guitarist and
My invention The Amazing Mode Wheel can show you all the notes and chords which fit in any scale used in Celtic music.


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