4 hour Irish session accompaniment Zoom workshop with Tiffany Schaefer (harp) and Nye Farley (guitar)


Folk Friend is proud to present a complete guide to Irish session accompaniment with Tiffany Schaefer and the founder of Folk Friend and Finale Guitar Nye Farley! In this 4 hour online workshop (conducted over Zoom on March 19th 2022) we demonstrated everything you need to know to accompany tunes by ear, including the theory behind the “Celtic modes” (ionian, dorian, mixolydian and aeolian), how to find the right chords for tunes in each, substitutions, inversions, jazz chords, bass runs, and much much more! We even taught a new tune (The Quilty Shore) while we were there.

The workshop was all recorded live and direct, including separate more in-depth sections for guitarists and harpists and we’re now making the whole thing available so you can pick up all the useful tips covered! We’ll also give you access to all the handouts, tabs and chord diagrams which were provided to participants. Take this product through check out now to receive an email with all the accompanying material and a top secret password to watch the full workshop material!

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