Quick Draw Capo (great for DADGAD!)



These incredible capos are made by a tiny one-man company in America and will absolutely change your life if you like DADGAD or open tunings! They fit any standard acoustic or electric guitar and offer instant key change potential thanks to their ingenious slide-able design. They are easy to install thanks to their simple screw and spring mechanism. They can be placed above the nut when you want to play the open strings meaning that once you’ve put one on you will never have to take it off again… Which means that you can’t possibly leave it at the pub or lend it to your mates and not get it back! Once you’ve put your capo on you’ll be able to instantly slide it up and down the fretboard using one hand making mid-set key changes a breeze and the adjustable tension means that you’ll never have to worry about buzzing notes. All in all I really can’t recommend this incredible capo design highly enough- it really will open up a whole new world of playing possibilities!

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