The Amazing Mode Wheel- key signature and chord finder tool for folk music, jazz and soloing



If you’ve been looking for a folk music chord finder then the Mode Wheel, created by Finale Guitar, is the tool for you. It provides a quick and easy way to find chords for Irish music, Scottish music and all styles of European folk music. But it’s not just a way to find the right chords fit with any traditional / folk tune- it does so much more.


Here is a complete list of all the things The Amazing Mode Wheel can do as well as being the only modal chord finder on the market:

  • Show you the key signature (sharps or flats present) for any given key or mode
  • Show you all the modes which contain those accidentals (sharps or flats)
  • Tell you all seven chords which will fit with a tune in any given mode and which will be the main three
  • Fit in the front pocket of your guitar case so you can quickly work out all the chords for a tune you haven’t played before (14cm circle)
  • Transpose chord progressions from one key/mode to another
  • Visually represent modal relationships making them easy to understand
  • Help you to quickly memorise key signatures or look them up in a hurry
  • Help you create more interesting solos (particularly for jazz) using the modes to solo over individual chords in unusual non-diatonic ways
  • Make your friends very jealous (until you tell them where you got it from and they order one too)



I have been using this device in my lessons for the past few years and it really does make the whole concept of the modes a million times easier to understand. Trials with my students have shown that working out which chords will fit with a given tune is made much easier with the help of the Mode Wheel and the visual representation makes the theory much easier to understand, memorise and apply. What are you waiting for?! Buy your Mode Wheel today!


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My invention The Amazing Mode Wheel can show you all the notes and chords which fit in any scale used in Celtic music.

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