The Guitarist’s Guide to Chord Inversions E-book




In The Guitarist’s Guide to Chord Inversions, I set out to present a set of handy chord shapes which can be used to find beautiful new chord voicings across the fretboard. I cover triads, tetrads and some more advanced jazz chords where I feel that they will enhance the guitarist’s practical vocabulary. The chords are presented with the real world player in mind, showing easier to finger alternatives wherever possible and always leaving spare fingers available for soloing, playing melodies over your chords or adding jazzy chord extensions for richer accompaniment/comping. They are set out in a practical manner, with shapes related visually by the intervals they contain, the method which I have always found most helpful when practically trying to apply them in real world scenarios. The book also has an extensive theory section which shows you all you need to know to start using the inversion shapes covered for songwriting, arranging, composing, improvised accompaniment, chord soloing and much much more! It is my hope that this book will be a fun “chord bible” to dip in and out of, always providing new ideas and harmonic approaches for guitarists of all genres and skill levels. I hope you will agree!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an -ebook in .pdf format. When you complete checkout you will find a download link on the “payment complete” page. This e-book can be read on your computer or downloaded onto your phone (Android / Iphone). You can also purchase it in paperback by clicking here.

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