DADGAD Fingerstyle

The most useful scale ever – beginner DADGAD fingerstyle guitar lesson

In this week’s free Irish / Celtic guitar lesson from Folk Friend, I’ll be showing you the most useful scale ever for beginners learning to play in the DADGAD tuning! This handy scale lets you play an octave of D major without hitting the same string twice in a row, which is handy if you have a slow picking hand and want nice overlapping notes for a cool harp-like ringing effect! It also provides an easy way to add bass notes below a melody and thus start writing your first DADGAD arrangements.

If you would like to learn 10 easy arrangements of Irish tunes for DADGAD guitar then check out my book available here.

The free tablature and scale exercises download mentioned in the video can be found here.

I recently finished writing a complete Beginner’s Guide To Celtic DADGAD Accompaniment! You can find it here.